Grocery Challenge for August – Keeping it under $100 per week

My grocery challenge for August is to keep the weekly bill under $100 … or at least the average per week under $100.  It’s my monthly progression of personal budget improvement. 

  • In May I stopped putting groceries on my credit card and instead used the debit card
  • In June I shopped with a more critical and value-oriented eye when in the grocery store
  • In July I began tracking how much we spend on groceries each month

For those regular readers, you know that I’ve started shopping once per week rather than heading to the store for a handful of items numerous times each week.  That in and of itself has really helped with the grocery expenses.  My weekly spend has to support a household of six.

The grocery spend this morning after coupons and store savings ($50) came to $98.23.  I was able to stock-up on a few items for the pantry which was great.

August Grocery expense month-to-date (MTD) $98.23

2 thoughts on “Grocery Challenge for August – Keeping it under $100 per week

  1. I’ve been thinking about this one since the cupboard is about bare.

    Then I went to the co-op this afternoon and spent $120 for steaks and Yukon Gold potatoes. And my sister is ill, so maybe half of that was for a CARE package for her. No way I’m not going to blow another $100 this week though.

    On the bright side, I did update my Money file so at least I have some idea of just how much I’m putting on my debit card (and I sold some junk around here yesterday and will be able to spend $100 in cash instead of charging the next few bags of food).

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