How are you saving money and cutting costs?

Chances are if you’ve come across this article you are either a) looking for ways to lower your expenses or b) looking for MORE ways to lower your expenses. 

In good times and bad, the rationale of “if some is good, more must be better” rings true.  In times of big spending, consumers spent B-I-G.  In lean times, when we make cuts, we cut D-E-E-P.

The San Francisco Chronicle’s site, Home & Garden Editor Lynette Evans put a call out to residents asking “How to save money” in these rough economic times.  You can find the compiled list along with reader comments (including mine – give it a vote up!)

I wanted to toss out the same question to readers here and on Twitter – How are you saving money and cutting costs?  Post your best ideas from home & garden, credit/debt, groceries, utilities and more – we’ll take ‘em!

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