July Goals: Debt, Snowball, Snowflakes and More…

I was stressed about July before it arrived and am now seven days in feeling equally as stressed.  I wrote my goals out towards the end of June.  I’d like to say that things are going well but suffice to say I’ve spent quite a bit of time – but not money – trying to organize financial matters for a plan of attack to pay off debt.

Here are my July goals:

1.  Let it snow!  I’m putting every cent I can find onto a Capital One card with a balance and a hefty interest rate of 14.90%  In my wildest dreams I’d love to get this paid off this month but those would be dreams with a dash of fantasy.  Needless to say, I’m going to chop, not chip, away at this balance with everything I can find.  Snowflakes a flurry.

2.  Pay-off $8,000 worth of debt.  That’s a tall, tall order but I’m going to try. 

3.  Finish posting items we have for sale on Craigslist.  This includes light fixtures leftover from construction, misc. furniture and even a kitchen sink.  I haven’t had much luck on some items in the past and may have to to go eBay even though I detest having to pay a listing fee and making a trip to the post office to ship things.

4.  Find miscellaneous money sources – online surveys, focus groups and more.  It’s little but it adds up!

5.  Landscaping – with home prices falling, I’m doing my best to help increase the value of our home in case we are forced to sell.  Landscaping can increase your property value by up to 5-20%. Of all home improvements, for every dollar spent it has a recovery rate of 100%-200%.   Best of all, I’m doing all that I can myself rather than paying someone and looking on Craigslist for free or near-free plants.  Plus it keeps me busy rather than fretting on the negative.

6.  Use July as a benchmark to see what we are spending on groceries.  I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t know.

OK, time to get to work.