Found Money – Stopping little charges everywhere

We all need to find some money, right?  “Find a penny pick it up and all day long you’ll have good luck” or so the saying goes.

I’ve stopped using my credit card for all but work-related travel (which gets reimbursed) and the infrequent online purchase.  I stopped treating my credit card statement like my 401k statement – tucking it in the drawer without opening it and I found some money!  How so? 

Recurring Credit Card Charges
Yes, recurring credit card charges, the monthly charges for services you likely forgot you signed up for and no longer use.  You know, the Typepad blog account for $4.95/mo., the AOL service you no longer use, the subscription to have access for your monthly credit report (which I get for free off of my online bank account).  It all adds up. 

I went through and highlighted what I absolutely didn’t need and/or was work-related that I hadn’t been expensing.  I scheduled two hours to go online, get on the phone and cancel the accounts and in one case for an monthly insurance charge looked to have my rate reduced.  How much did I save?  $94.93 a month or $1139.16 annually, not including interest charges.

Take a look at your latest statement.  How much do you have in recurring charges?