iPhone 3G – Monthly Fee Calculator

Checkout the iPhone monthly fee calculator on BillShrink.com to see what your current cell phone usage will cost you on the iPhone 3G.  In my case, I would spend $336 more per year in the monthly service by going to the iPhone 3G.  Lucky for me, I’m not interested in changing phones. 

The price of the iPhone 3G is steep, but will fall in a few months just like the first iPhone did.  But don’t expect the monthly fees to decline over time.   Even if you subsidize the cost of the iPhone by selling your current phone on Craigslist, the monthly fees would still take a bite out of your budget in the end.

Even if you aren’t looking to buy the iPhone 3G, you should still checkout BillShrink.com to see which cell plan saves you the most money.  No registration required and it’s free, free, free.