Are your travel plans changing due to rising costs?

Rising fuel costs thwarting travel plansAre higher gas prices and air travel costs prompting you to change your travel and vacation plans?  What about the weak US dollar?   We’d love to hear from readers who are rethinking travel plans as well as those who plan to stay the course.

I for one have definitely changed my summer travel.  For the past few years I’ve ditched my husband and children for a week to enjoy my passion – swimming. 

I book with Swimtrek, a holiday tour operator.  Back in October I signed-up for a swim trip to Turkey.  I looked at airfares ranging from $700 – $1200 which was reasonable given the distance and within range of what I’d paid to travel in years past.  I signed-up for the trip and waited until I could start booking airfare for late August.  Much to my surprise when I went to make my flight purchase, the tickets had increased to $1,800 – $2,700 due to rising fuel costs.

I also had to factor in that I would need an extra night in the hotel outside of the tour package and that cost had increased as well.  The hotel hadn’t raised rates, but the US dollar wasn’t going to get me as far as it once had.

Given that my entire budget in the past has been under $2,000, I’m cancelling this year’s trip and will look for a 2009 trip where I can use my frequent flyer miles.