Billshrink – Shrink, shrink, shrink my bills

BillshrinkIf you haven’t tried Billshrink yet, what are you waiting for?  It’s easy, it’s free and best of all it’s about YOUR specific usage. 

Billshrink monitors the marketplace for you to tell you when your carrier/service or competing carriers/services have new/better plans that can save you money.  (Hey, if you were waiting for your wireless provider or credit card issuer to call you to let you know about other plans available to save your money well… I hope you look good in blue.)

Billshrink has two services available now – wireless/cellphone and credit cards.  It’s pretty easy and I’ve blogged about the wireless service before. 

How does it work? 

For wireless, just import your wireless plan (you need to have your wireless phone number and online account password handy for your wireless provider) and Billshrink quickly analyzes your usage and what other plans on the market would save you money.  Best of all, you can also see what the coverage is like for the carrier for your home, work or other zip code areas.

For Credit Cards – you select your credit score, which card service you have (Citibank, Chase, etc.), average balance you carry and perks you get – miles, cash-back, points.  Billshrink then crunches all of the current plans out on the market and suggest which cards can save you money.

Best of all, be sure and GET the mailings as when new plans come onto the market based on YOUR usage, Billshrink sends you a new report – free – with the saving details.   I like letting someone else crunch all the numbers for a change!